Monday, April 2, 2012

Vacation Inspiration

Getting back to blogging after a vacation with the family to Mexico.

While I was there, 
I could not help but be inspired.  
There were so many interesting design elements at the resort..from the use of color combinations, different textures,
and the use of different materials.

Unfortunately I am a little and at myself that I missed photographing some of the things I wanted to because my bathing suit did not have a pocket to hold my camera, and taking photos would have required that 
I set down my margarita.  

I did, however, take some photos to share that feature beautiful color I found with the landscaping.  
The color of the water, sky, flowers, greenery, mixed with the texture of the palm trees and 
tropical foliage was so beautiful.   

I loved all the different shades of blue next to one another...the colors of the ocean were my most favorite shades.

 These little flowers caught my eye.   I loved the grey of the twig mixed with the citrus green and the variety of 
pink and coral in the flowers.
 I love the contrast of color with the cream wall, rich wood tone, and the 
green and red in the floral.    

This climbing floral was stunning in person...have to have this color in my home after seeing these.  
 ...Loved the texture of the palm trees
 I thought these were so simple and loved the long green leaves.
I found that nature and especially the colors so inspiring to use in my design work.

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