Sunday, February 26, 2012

Paper cute!

I was running through the mall to return something and was enticed by a window display at a store called Paper Source.

I went in to inquire and found this 
kit I had to try.

Sorry..can't rotate photo!

 Start with 4 flower cut outs.
 You will need a stapler, glue stick, 
and the 2 circles 
for flower center included in kit. 
 Then you stack the four flowers 
on top of each other.
 Excuse my painted fingers...
Then you crease each petal. 

 Then rotate the petals
 and staple in the center.

 Staple onto a ribbon.

 Glue center to cover staple.

 Then I hung my garland in my daughter's room.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Power of Paint

I get excited anytime I see a vintage chair with upholstery in great shape.  I found these chairs that needed a simple change to refresh them...paint. 

I taped off around the 
fabric areas to protect it.

With a coat of antique white paint, some distressing, and a cute accent pillow to coordinate with the upholstery, it changed the entire feeling of the chair.

This chair is currently for sale at Jackson Square Mall in Lagrange, IL for $48.

It would make a perfect addition to a shabby chic decor or a girl's bedroom.


A cute accent pillow from Target added after the paint dried finished the look.

So simple for a dramatic new look....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Setting the Mood...with lighting

I admit it...I am a "lampaholic."

I love that lamps act as an accessory 
and they function in a space.

One comment I appreciate that people make when they come to my home is that it feels cozy.
I think this is due to soft lighting 
that I like to use.  

When you have a lamp in your home, you need to think about placement and purpose.   If a lamp is used for reading, you would want to use a 60 watt lightbulb or higher. 
If a lamp is used for keeping a room softly illuminated, you can change the wattage to a 40, 25, or even a 15 watt bulb. 

Below I am featuring some areas in my home that are used for soft illumination. 

 I love how this lamp below cascades a leaf pattern on the walls and acts as an uplight. 
This one is near my entry.

This lamp below is on my dining room buffet.  
I love to have lots of candlelight, 
dim my chandelier, 
and turn on this lamp.
It creates so much ambiance 
with the combination of lighting sources.

This little accent lamp below has more of a night light affect and I have this 
in my living room.   
I love how the lighting 
affects the artwork too.

Here with the mirror, I actually changed the wattage because it is reflected and multiplied...another detail to pay attention to with lighting.

Look around your own home to see where you can add a lamp or play with the wattage and types of lightbulbs.   It is fun to experiment and compare different lightbulbs and wattages in the same lamp.

Add a little ambiance and have a 
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chalkboard Wall

I am always assessing my home decor and looking for things to tweak.   I felt like adding some whimsy with some chalkboard paint. 
My bathroom has a basket weave black and white marble tile floor and thought the black would be a cool accent in that space.

 I initially wrote quotes all over the wall, but got tired of I erased it ...the advantage to a chalkboard wall!

I sketched these flowers
(while my daughter played in the tub) 
by looking at a ceramic rose 
I had as inspiration. 
I added some shading by smudging the 
chalk with my fingers.
 ...Added these little silver birds 
to be in the scene
 And decoupaged this mirror in newspaper to continue the touches of black and white
I like the versatility of this wall and I am sure it will change many times...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet Dreams....Creating an Original Doll Bed

I thought it might be fun to show you how I put together a doll bed for my little girl's room. Her room is the most fun room to decorate.

This is a picture of the finished look and I will take you thought the materials 
I put together....
 I started with this bed I bought at a 
thrift store and painted it hot pink...
 I used a standard sized pillow with a cute pillow case for the doll's mattress...
 Then I added a vintage mini throw pillow as the doll's sleeping pillow....found at Jackson Square Antique Mall in LaGrange.
 The bedspread is a dish towel 
from Anthropologie...
 Then I added these mini pillows 
(approx 5"x5")
found at Cracker Barrel and 
a thrift store.
 Then we tucked in the little baby doll 
into her little bed.  
This is an example of my favorite thing to do when decorating...using things in an unpredictable way to create something unique.

Sweet Dreams!