Monday, April 23, 2012

Always Fussing!

I ended my last post about 
the doilies "under the glass" 
by saying I would leave it 
for a few days and decide if I want 
to keep it that way. 
I loved that all the 
doilies disguised fingerprints, 
but it was too busy for me.

I always tell clients to try 
to "live with things" 
for a bit to see if 
something grows on them or not.  
I try to follow my own 
advice when it comes 
to fussing with things.

I do LOVE the doilies, 
but I started to play 
with less of them 
and overlapped 2 of them...
now it is a perfect fit.

I'll try to get to 
the laundry tomorrow!
No more playing with doilies...
it is addicting!  

What do you think about the change?

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