Friday, April 20, 2012

Under the Glass

 Just put a fresh coat of gold paint on my kitchen table and put place mats down. Then I put my glass top back over the mats.

 Here is the table with nothing... 
which I also like
 Part of my design business is doing real estate staging, which means I help clients get their homes spruced up to put on the market.

I was hired to help some 
clients that are moving 
out of their home where they 
have lived for over 40 years. 
I started to salivate 
as I toured the home...
felt like I was stepping 
back in time.  

They were getting rid of everything.
 I ended up buying almost 
all their 
furniture and accessories...

garages are not for cars...right?

In the stash of "treasures" 
I bought was a box full of doilies.
I find them to be impressive that someone
sewed all of these.... 
seeing that I struggle 
with sewing a button.   

Then I thought it might 
be fun to put some 
under the glass 
and made 
a pile of my favorites 
from the box.
 Then I placed them on the table...
love the ones with the orange rims
 ...put the glass back

 I think I'll leave it for a few days and see if I like it enough to keep it this way.

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Pine Tree Home said...

I just found a bunch of these at my grandparents house. Great idea.