Saturday, February 23, 2013

Showcasing a Collection

Going to try to get back into being better about blogging
.....I have been so busy 
with 3 kids...2 in travel 
sports and one busy preschooler,
keeping up with housework, 
lots of design jobs and 
keeping my antique space 
full and merchandised....
and then we decided to get a puppy.

Besides I am so technically 
challenged that every time 
I post it is truly a 
miracle that I do it.
As an example, 
I struggle each night 
setting my alarm clock and 
turning the alarm off
every morning....
not lying...sad
My husband actually ordered 
me the world's simplest 
alarm clock for Christmas.

I have some mental block 
with things that have buttons...
we all have or strengths
and weaknesses.  

Gets frustrating to download things
 so it stops me in my tracks
...especially when I see 
I need to tackle a big 
pile of laundry
or help a kid with homework,
cook dinner, 
or e mail a client back etc.....

So anyway...going to try to get 
back into it and also want to 
show the rest of the tour 
from my renovation.

Here's a little something for today....

I was given this sweet glass cabinet from a client.  She was tossing it and I took it and played with it all over my house. 

It was white and kelly green on the inside which I really liked, but I 
wanted to dress it up a bit, 
so I painted it cream and 
brown in the inside.
Then I added an orange 
glass knob from Anthroplogie. 

 I have a thing for vintage cream pottery and gathered up all my favorite pieces from around the house to put inside. 

I always tell clients to put like things together(frames, books, pottery etc)...feels less like clutter around the house.

I also like how the cream pottery would stand out against the dark background.

Think about what items you have 
around the house that could 
give you an instant collection.