Thursday, December 29, 2011

My retail space...Jackson Square Antique Mall

My other job...besides running my design business and raising a family, is keeping a retail space stocked with lots of goodies for the home. I sell furniture and accessories at Jackson Square Antique Mall in LaGrange, IL.  These are items I have freshened up or treasures discovered at estate sales and have been given some love and care.   I just thought I would feature a few items I am currently selling in my space 
that I secretly want to keep!  

This is a shabby chic style metal cabinet...
great for extra storage.  

 This is bench featured on my blog recovered in a vintage chenille blanket, 
painted, and distressed.

I painted and glazed this cabinet....
...also featuring pottery, glass and lighting all accessorizing the surface
The rusty metal milk crate...

Below a beautiful cream oversized vase...
on a french inspired end table...

 A great smaller scaled desk on a black singer sewing machine wrought iron stand.  It features a special compartment for storage and a perfect hideaway for a lap top.

  vintage linens
red metal cart on wheels...would make a cute nightstand

green glass and milk glass...
all so pretty for candles or plants

distressed cream accent table 
with drawer and lower shelf

red step stool

fun brass accessories...
yes's coming back!

Oversized Tuscan style vase 
with bunch of pussy willows

an assortment of accessories 

Fun vintage mirror backed shadow box...
great for display or storage
I think this would be useful and beautiful in a bathroom featuring candles, bubble baths, rolled up wash clothes, and lotions.
I set it up here as a bar storage piece.

Red painted chest

lamp with button shade

crystal cake plate and dome

Vintage folding camera

Fun and gaudy vintage chandelier with crystals
Jackson Square Mall is my 
favorite place to shop!   
It is worth a trip every time!  
There are about 40 vendors each with 
their own style.   
The prices are very resonable.   
I am so excited to be a vendor after waiting a lot of years to get a space in here.   
I have been shopping here for my clients' homes over the past 8 years and 
love all the unique finds.

Jackson Square Mall is located at 
112 E Burlington
LaGrange IL

They are open 7 days a week.  
Check it out if you can!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Before and After Master tour

Here is a photo taken off of the sales brochure when I purchased my home 4 years ago.  
 Here are some after photos...

It's a small room, so I wanted to draw your eye up.   I did this by using a high wrought iron headboard.  At the foot of the bed, I added a vintage chenille coverlet and a long pillow from my favorite store... Anthropologie.
I painted the walls lenox tan by 
Benjamin Moore and added some checked drapes found at a thrift store for $3 a panel. 
(I left the tags on so my friends 
would believe me!)
 I added this desk that was picked up at the curb and painted it cream.   I needed a vanity and it doubles as my night stand.  I added 2 contemporary vases with dried sprigs to add texture.  
 I hung a vintage mirror with prints torn out of an old book and placed in the frameless glass clip frames.  I wanted to do something that looked more random.
 I recovered this stool in this fun floral fabric...loved it next to the checked drapes.

Below is a closeup of a painting...another $3.50 thrift store find.   It is a little bit ugly, but once in the right looked artsy and fresh.
This is the other side of the room... opposite of the bed... where I added a vintage mirror on a new dresser.  
The twigs and grasscloth runner 
add more texture.

 My goal was to keep things cozy and inviting...
what do you think?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stripes... Before and After

I was working with a client and we wanted to make some changes to his space to make it more dramatic.   I suggested stripes on the horizontal since his style was a bit more contemporary.   He was having a hard time visualizing it, so that night I went home and stripped my own wall for him to come see.
(I am not a good sleeper and my family gets to wake up to new decor all the time!)

 I used a piece of notebook paper as my spacer and drew a thin pencil line all the way across.  Then I used that line as a guide to apply the blue tape.  
This wall was cream and I use an army green paint color left over from another project. 
 I left the wall like that for a few days before my husband started to complain that he was starting to feel like Austin Powers lived here, so I toned down the contrast by washing over the whole wall with the base cream color. The stripes turned greyish/bluish green and I loved the result.    
I love to experiment with paint and color.   It is a great way to add a little drama to your decor.  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Still Fussing with Holiday Decor....

I don't know if you are like me, but I am always moving things around in my home and experimenting with new looks.  I am adding a few more holiday photos of 
things I keep fussing with....

I bought some fresh greens and added them to the mantel along with some pinecones
I had one vintage stocking (center) 
and mixed it with 2 new ones.   
I love the mix of old and new.
...also added more fresh greens to my chandelier with some amber crystals 
found at my favorite antique store in Lagrange,IL...
Jackson Square Mall.   I have my own space here and where I sell things I really want to keep!
 Here I added a winter scarf as a runner.

 As the Christmas cards were coming in, I decided to put them in one of my favorite old flower pots.
I had this vintage wool throw blanket I bought at an estate sale on the back of a chair, and then thought it would make a perfect tablecloth.  With the retro red vinyl chair, I think it looks even more festive.
 This is another old pottery bowl that I keep out all year filled with vintage and new ornaments and some greens.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday House Walk

Happy Holidays and welcome to my home!!!!
I am joining in on the Holiday house walk at Jennifer Rizzo's!

As a decorator, I decorate a lot of homes for the holidays, so when it comes to my own home, I really just like to add simple and subtle touches of holiday without getting too thematic. I like to add various shades of red and green, but they are items that don't scream Christmas...
hopefully you will see what I mean!    
 This is a book shelf that has a map decoupage treatment.   I've added an elf my son made in preschool along with some candlelight. 
  The plant acts as a little tree and creates a scene.

 This is a game table I have in my living room.   I added a green wine bottle next to Santa and framed 2 vintage holiday cards.  The green and red chair is always there, but looks more festive as I placed other items in this corner.

 I added berries to this basket.  I always have this basket hanging there.  I just change out the items I place in to it depending on the season.  
 Here I added a simple green plaid throw and it made it feel more festive and ready for Christmas.
 This is my favorite area in my dining room to decorate for the seasons.   I added a branch with vintage ornaments, an old paint by number painting with fresh greens and candles.   

 This is my kitchen window.   I hung a piece of embroidered material and pinched and pinned to get this look.
 Added green glass...

 Simple touches...
 This is my bathroom featuring a chalkboard wall and a vintage tablecloth. 
 I added a plaid shower curtain, green glass wine bottle/vase with red berries, and lime green candles to coordinate with the vintage tablecloth window treatment.
  and some holiday towels. 

Here are a few daytime shots that add a different effect! 

  embroiderery shows up in the daylight...

 green glass + sunshine = pretty
 These are vintage cards found at a rummage sale.   I added green scrapbook paper behind the one card to act as a matting.

  Hope you enjoyed a little peek inside my holiday home!  Thanks for stopping by!!!