Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 My home is going to be featured next month on a house walk here in Riverside,IL, so I have been so busy painting, rearranging things, and planning for the event.   My home will be featured alongside other designers and architects that live in my town. 

I am playing with how I want to "style" 
my home for this event.   

Here is how I plan to dress 
my dining table...want it to feel 
like I am hosting some guests.  
 I am going to add a little 
pie under the cloche 
on the day of 
the housewalk.
I have added some 
vintage table linens, 
utensils, and glassware 
at one end. 
 I clipped off some sprigs from the 
yard and added them 
to a contemporary vase.

The oranges tie into the 
colors in my home...I have all 
greens, golds, 
and oranges through out.
 To separate the clusters of accessories, 
I added the wicker tray, 
all with like items....greenery.  

 Here is a close up of the dining rug.

 Later this evening, I took some 
shots to see how things look with a 
touch of candlelight and a 
few apples under 
the glass dome...always playing.

 At the other end of the grouping, 
the appetizer plates, 
cream pitcher and bowel 
all nestled in together.  
I added a silver cake knife 
found at an antique store.

 The table linens are layered 
for added interest.

I know it was a success when my son 
asked if we were having company.
Now to work on the rest of the house...
It's all in the details!!!!


Jennifer Rizzo said...

I love your rug Amy, it all looks so pretty!

Amy Scott Interior Design said...

Thank you!!!!