Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heading Towards the Finish Line

5 days to tile bathroom

5 days to trim out window and hang doors

4 days of cauking, painting, and touch ups done 
by myself and my husband

3 days to carpet space

3 days of moving furniture

We moved things up and now it is time to decorate...
lots to blog about...
Here is my messy sneak peak....

This remodel is making me feel like I have moved.  
All 5 of us in the family got a new bedroom space. 
I have been rotating furniture, repainting 
every bedroom on the lower level and moving closets.

This week a little stressful as I write 
all the final checks for the renovation 
and get my house back.  
Of course I am having a family birthday party 
for my son next weekend and 
have to work 4 days this week.

Good to have a deadline!

Photo taken by my 4 year old
 French doors that join sitting area to master bedroom.
Will be adding curtains inside for privacy and have room 
for fabric to rest on the wall.

painted vanity from home depot

 Carpet in and furniture loaded upstairs.

Thank God for heating pads!

 Slept here one night

 I will feature each space and all will start to make sense soon!