Saturday, March 17, 2012

Touches of Candlelight

Thank God I married a firefighter, 
because I love my candles.

After the kids are in bed, it is nice to sit and unwind with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and a bit of candlelight. 

I light them for fragrance and ambiance.

I love how the candlelight 
effects the other items.  
I love how the detail in the 
old glass bottle, ridges on the 
appetizer plates, 
and the scales on the 
metal fish are 
highlighted by the light.    

 `This is my cocktail table.   
I love how this makes the stone look, and creates a pretty feature in the 
center of the room.

 Although this is  a dark photo, I wanted to show you how a pattern reflects on the vase next to it.  This little candle holder 
changes the light. 

 As you use candlelight, play with your accessories to see how things can feel enhanced by the soft light.   

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