Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Redesign / One Day Decorating

Here are some before and after shots of a redesign I did for a client.   A Redesign is all about using your  existing furniture and accessories. My client had lots of great things to work with and treasures we pulled out of closets. My goal was to add some color and tweak some of the issues with space planning.   We worked on a living room, dining room, master bedroom, sitting room and office.   We swapped items from room to room and had some dramatic changes in a short period of time.   

Master Bedroom Reading Area
This area felt like an extra twin bed that had no where to go.   I wanted to make it feel more like a day bed or sofa.   The area is used for reading and relaxing. It lacked color and felt too crowded with the chair in the corner.     
 Here is the after...added pillows and throw for color, untied and spread out drapes, created interest on the wall and made it feel larger by adding more to it, added a table to use for a cup of coffee or book, added basket for storing extra pillows and texture to area.

 This is the other side of the room.  It is a very spacious room but it felt unfinished without using the space between the chair and the armoire.  It can be a balancing act with space planning. You have to know when to add and take away.  You know by moving things around and looking for balance and not crowding a space.
 Here is the after....Added black chest, more color with flowers, red quilt at the foot of the bed, red step stool and accent pillows, covered a chair with a cream quilt, opened drapes and added more light with cute accent lamp.  By filling in the center of the wall, the side of the room had more balance and more storage.    

 One Day Decorating is a great way to use what you own and make a big change to your decor.This is an example of what you can accomplish by using what you own.  So many of us have more things to work with than we realize!  Digging through things and experimenting helps to keep your decor fresh and keeps it interesting for you.

Redesign = Instant Gratification   

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Jennifer T said...

I love that room. It is so open. I would like to nap in there right now. Hope you and the family had a great Thanksgiving. Keep posting I enjoy seeing your creative work.