Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adding Color with Paint

Here is a beat up wood chest I found at an estate sale.   I loved the long handles and the drawers worked well...always a bonus with older furniture.   I thought it had a lot of potential with a simple fix of fresh paint.   I cleaned it up and lightly sanded the piece and added a few coats of red paint.   
Here is the after:

I distressed the edges with a razor blade to expose the wood below the surface.   I put it in my space at Jackson Square Antique Mall in LaGrange for $85. I am on the lower level...#002 if you ever head over there to shop.   I added some Christmas decor to it in my space and it really looks sharp...almost kept it...occupational hazard!

If I have a client afraid to put a bold color on the wall, this is where I advise them to put it.   Adding a pop of color to a space though accents, window treatments, or small pieces of furniture is what adds interest to any space.  Hope this idea inspires you to look around your own home and see where you can add some color!

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