Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing with Space Planning

When working on a space for a client, 
I love to play with things the homeowner has to 
see how things look and flow
to develop space planning.
When I am dealing with an empty space,
I use this simple space planner...
These are magnetized furniture pieces
so I can lay things out to scale.

I am not a high tech girl.

The fact can upload and 
blog is a miracle. 

Anyone can appreciate a visual when 
trying to make decisions....
especially when spending money 
is involved.

Below I explored with a family room 
layout to show a client...
had about 5 options before I saw the winner.

Space Planning Wish List:
1.  fireplace to be the focal point
2.  opportunity for conversation 
 3.  as much seating without overcrowding

I started with facing a sofa opposite 
the focal point to balance the space.

One rule I normally start with is to put 
my largest piece on the longest wall....

That rule applied this time..does not always.
(I break my own rules all the time.
That is how you keep things interesting.)

I added a sofa and love seat
rectangular table that follows the 
length of sofa and love seat.
...long side with sofa
...short side with love seat

Was not happy once I saw it
so I kept playing with different options.

Below....This was the winner after exploring.

I liked the clean look with 
two sofas 
and felt like a waste 
to not add a second sofa
when there was plenty of space.

I added a round cocktail table
to compliment the 
length of the couches.

Two sofas also felt
 like a more updated choice
and less predictable.

I liked less tables too to stay 
away from overcrowding.
(An area rug was added 
to connect this arrangement.)

The next step was to shop...
but this is the place to start
space planning....
so important!

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