Monday, June 11, 2012

Add a little kick with pattern

I am always finding fabrics 
that I "have to have" 
somewhere in my home.

Many times, I buy fabric just 
because I love it 
...even if I don't think 
it will go anywhere in particular.

Once I get it home,
I usually have 5 or 6 places 
it can go so end up being 
torn about where to use it.
The key to using a loud fabric 
is to use it in the right 
place and in the right amount.

See example below
LOVED this polka dot material.
....Would never use it on a big
piece of furniture.

I did use it on my bench 
cushions in my kitchen...
shown in a previous post.

I don't like to use the same 
fabric twice but I this is 
what happens when you are 
so torn...

so I did also recover this
foot stool with it in the 
living room.

What I love is that this little piece
of furniture has a big impact.
It gives this corner the 
little kick 
it needed.

I topped off the 
brown and cream 
polka dots
with a brown and cream 
accent pillow 
to coordinate the two.

The nice thing is that 
when I get tired of 
these polka dots, 
I used it in a minimal way 
so it is easy to 
change in the future...

However...I think they 
will be here for a while.

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