Sunday, May 6, 2012

Opening the Screened In Porch

  This morning I brewed a pot 
of coffee and got to work on 
cleaning and arranging 
my screened in porch.

This is a bonus to my home, 
and I did not even realize 
it when we purchased
our home 5 years ago.

Although it is small, it gets a 
ton of use and functions very well.

I love decorating small 
spaces and packing in
all types of functions 
 into the space.

I decorated the space with 
thrift store furniture 
and a rug remnant.

I added lamps, accessories, 
and art trying to
give the feel 
of an interior space. 

 The couch fabric is a little crazy, 
but for $50 and having the 
same colors of the brick
and the small dimensions needed, 
it was a must have for the space.

Of course the day I found it, 
I had all three kids and 
had to get it home
with them in tow.

I could have gone back for 
it the next day, 
but I have no patience! 
 I added this thrift store 
chair that has 
little pineapples and 
painted a desk with 
polka dots for my 
4 year old to use.

You can see the brick colors here.

The polka dots were created with a stencil.

This end of the porch 
is a spot to sit 
and remove your shoes
or set things down.

...Kind of works like 
my mud room too.

 Across from the TV, 
I added this TV/VCR
bought at a garage sale
...yes VCR
Now I watch all 
my 80's flicks 
on video that I 
purchase at thrift stores.

The TV stand is also a bench, 
so I put the TV away if we 
are having company and 
add a little cushion
and then it becomes an extra seat.

I also found this amazing 
vintage fan. 

 The little chair is great to 
put your feet up.
On the ledge, I added
plants and a metal bicycle. 

 The couch and chair also 
create a nice
conversation area. 

The windows have bamboo blinds 
that help keep it 
from getting too sunny.   

I added this light fixture 
from Menards and a 
twig as a window treatment.

The walls, spindles,
 and ceiling were 
originally cedar colored and white.
My hubby and I painted it
all the colors I asked which
 were inspired by the 
color in the bricks.

I made sure to add lots
of colors on this side
with pillows and 
accessories to
compliment and balance
with the other side
of the porch.  

 This is truly my favorite 
place to spend time...
so glad to have it ready 
for the spring and summer season. 

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