Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chalkboard Wall

I am always assessing my home decor and looking for things to tweak.   I felt like adding some whimsy with some chalkboard paint. 
My bathroom has a basket weave black and white marble tile floor and thought the black would be a cool accent in that space.

 I initially wrote quotes all over the wall, but got tired of it....so I erased it ...the advantage to a chalkboard wall!

I sketched these flowers
(while my daughter played in the tub) 
by looking at a ceramic rose 
I had as inspiration. 
I added some shading by smudging the 
chalk with my fingers.
 ...Added these little silver birds 
to be in the scene
 And decoupaged this mirror in newspaper to continue the touches of black and white
I like the versatility of this wall and I am sure it will change many times...

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