Friday, January 13, 2012

The Need for Green......

I am not the gardening type...hate bugs, but I do love plants and flowers.   When all the green is gone from the trees, I have to go out and buy some new plants for inside my home.  

I had a glass bowl, a rusted lantern I picked up at an estate sale, and hit our local florist for some small plants and one fern.

 I planted the fern in an old bowl I had and placed the lantern in the center.  The lantern has a long screw sticking out from the bottom which is what started the idea of adding to a plant.  All I had to do was 
stick it in the dirt.
 Then I added a cream candle in a 
shallow candle holder and placed it 
inside the lantern.

 Next I added 3 different smaller plants in one pot to create a simple arrangement. 

 Then I worked on my favorite idea.
I found this florist in Paris through Pinterest that makes terrariums that are so sweet.  I was thrilled when I found a oversized glass bowl at a thrift store for $3 so I could try it myself.

It was so simple...I added 2 small plants purchased for $1.45 each and one miniature African Violet that cost $3.

I mixed the height, color, and textures of the greenery to make each plant stand out.

Then I added some river rocks and 
litle bits of moss.

Having the green back and these 
sweet little flowers 
makes me feel happy!

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