Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stripes... Before and After

I was working with a client and we wanted to make some changes to his space to make it more dramatic.   I suggested stripes on the horizontal since his style was a bit more contemporary.   He was having a hard time visualizing it, so that night I went home and stripped my own wall for him to come see.
(I am not a good sleeper and my family gets to wake up to new decor all the time!)

 I used a piece of notebook paper as my spacer and drew a thin pencil line all the way across.  Then I used that line as a guide to apply the blue tape.  
This wall was cream and I use an army green paint color left over from another project. 
 I left the wall like that for a few days before my husband started to complain that he was starting to feel like Austin Powers lived here, so I toned down the contrast by washing over the whole wall with the base cream color. The stripes turned greyish/bluish green and I loved the result.    
I love to experiment with paint and color.   It is a great way to add a little drama to your decor.  

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