Saturday, July 6, 2013

Industrial Touch

Selling things at 
Jackson Square Antique Mall in Lagrange, IL
is a lot of fun.  
Every time I go in to bring in new treasures to sell, 
I have to venture around to see what everyone else is selling....
my favorite place to shop.

Some of the merchandising done by the dealers 
is so creative and it keeps me inspired 
and up on the latest trends.  
Now there are a lot of industrial items that are 
popular and I wanted in on the look.  

I love these rusty wheels I found that 
I hung with a nail on my wall in my living room.  

I love how they feel whimsical, modern 
and rustic all at once.  My personal style is very eclectic 
and if yours is too...or if you want it to be....

consider adding a touch of industrial to your home. 

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