Monday, August 20, 2012

Drywalled...taking shape!

Drywall up after 
adding a foam insulation...
The stairs will be carpeted.

Sitting Area
Will also be a dressing area 
and place for a desk, 
love seat, and a tv.

 The half wall will 
also serve as a bookshelf.

 One entry way into master....
wanted to have sitting area and master
bedroom flow together.
Adding beautiful double
prairie style french doors.
I will add curtains for 
privacy/light control 
inside the bedroom.

Master bedroom

 Love the vaulted ceiling...
makes it feel more spacious

Features a pocket door for other 
entry point to bedroom

Made sense to do one here across 
from bathroom door
and close to my 
daughter's bedroom door

Bathroom...skylight coming

My Daughter's Room

 Bed Niche...little box niche
there to serve as a little nightstand.

Have been busy selecting tile, 
lighting, carpet, etc....

My husband and I are the 
painters so we have a busy 
week ahead after all the 
drywall is taped and sanded.

Very excited to be coming 
in the home stretch!

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Melissa Jackson said...

Thanks for the shout out Amy Scott! Now if only I could wave my wand and have the room finished already!