Saturday, July 14, 2012

attic renovation

Can't believe the summer is half over
...crazy entertaining three kids, 
working design jobs,
keeping up with housework,
 and have a big project 
in my own home to share attic renovation.

This space was a huge selling 
point when my husband and 
I bought our home...
really excited to be 
doing something with this space!

Would have loved to keep it a 
giant master suite
...all open and vaulted
but need to get 2 bedrooms 
and a bath
up there so I came 
up with 
a plan.

Here are some before shots...

These stairs are being rebuilt
...very steep!

 Space planning and incorporating 
plumbing was quite a challenge 
to figure out...
required several meetings to 
brainstorm with my 
contractor and plumber.

I am also trying to keep this 
project on a budget
which forces more creativity
in my design...
a challenge I love.

I used my preschoolers 
chalk to 
draw out all my concepts 
on the floors... 
(after figuring out plumbing!)

Then spent countless hours
drawing out the 
best way to do the 
space planning to scale. 

 Everyone in my family will have 
a new bedroom.   
My boys will stay down and 
move into the bigger bedrooms 
on the lower level.
My daughter will move 
upstairs with
my husband and me.

Lots of decorating to come!
 Planning on keeping as much 
vaulted as possible...
 My contractor has been sweating 
his tail off with his crew...
He has named this project
"Amy's Fat Farm"
He has dropped several 
pounds working up in 
the hot attic!

Finishing up now on the framing 
of all the walls so will 
show you that next...
will start to make more sense
with what is the space is 
going to end up being.
I was able to get a siting area, 
office space, 2 bedrooms
and a bathroom up here...
very excited! 

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