Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sitting Area

Finally getting these up to show you all!!!
This is the attic sitting area 
off the master bedroom.
It is located at the top
of the stairs.

I added this chest bought at 
an estate sale... great storage too.
It was painted yellow 
and I distressed it
by scraping off the yellow
with a razor blade 
to expose the green paint.

Behind you can see we added a 
cubby for storage.
I have the dresser on slides 
in case I need access.

The windows are odd being so high,
but I wanted to draw your eye up.
Turns out the length is the same
as standard tablecloths.
I bought these plaid
tablecloths from Kohl's
and added drapery ring 
clips on rods.
 This is my temporary way to furnish the space...using things I had in my home.
I want to add a love seat
here so it could be a movie area for 
my husband and I.

There is cable all set to 
add a little TV on the 
shelf across from the chair.
I got this braided round 
rug from an antique store,
but have decided I am going 
to do something different
and sell this one.  
Want it to be a little 
plainer....nice to live 
with it though.
Helped to make up my mind...
the shape is perfect though.   

 This is the future home for the TV.

 This is framed rice paper 
for a little art.
Stole the bench from 
the front porch.
 Made sure when planning 
this area that a standard 
love seat would fit 
across from TV.

I have my eye on an 
IKEA one that has a slipcover 
when my cash flow improves. 

 These french doors lead into the master bedroom.  I added 
linen drapes that 
look good from both sides.

Being in a bungalow,
I wanted to add more of a prairie
style door...found all the doors at 
a builders surplus store. 
 The other side has bookshelves 
to mirror the other side.

 Just added things I have for now, 
but lots of tweaking to come.  
I have so much 
more space with 
this renovation...feel like 
I moved and settling 
in all over again...

My goal now is to SIT 
in the SITTING area!


Brian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


Tim Feister said...

So excited to see what you all come up with!! SO much fun!! I’m sure you can’t wait to be living here already!

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Patty Lunz said...

You found some very lovely and elegant examples of beautiful painted cupboards.
Have a good weekend, my sweet friend.
Love and hugs,Patty